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   Cephalometric analysis is commonly used by dentists and orthodontists to study skeletal relationships in the craniofacial complex. It also has many other uses such as predicting future changes, monitoring the success of ongoing treatment plans, evaluating a patient’s dentofacial proportions and assisting doctors in the recognition of abnormalities. For these reasons, cephalometric analysis is crucial when developing and evaluating proper treatment plans for patients.

   Our challenge has been to provide analyses in a reliable and cost-effective way as patient’s expectations increase and competition in the market grows. BIOCeph™ saves valuable time for practitioners, contributes to better efficiency and improved patient handling right from the first appointment.

   The world of orthodontics is evolving rapidly, as it provides patients continuous improvements in care. Our first priority is to help practitioners focus on that – providing them with peace of mind regarding their cephalometric analyses. 

BIOCeph™ is a service focused on attending professionals of Orthodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Diagnostic elements prior to treatment, such as, cephalometric analysis, analysis of study models, sagittal and frontal facial analyzes, as well as growth phase analysis, are vital for the determination of the list of problems, and thus, establish the priorities in the treatment.

Time is money, in this sense, it is really important to correctly manage the time spent in the individual calculation of the diagnostic elements of each patient, even more, when a considerable number of patients is handled in the office.

Without annual or monthly subscriptions, you are free to send the images of the x-rays, choose the type of cephalometric analysis you need, and our staff is in charge of editing and performing the analyzes, which will be sent via email in pdf format in a span of 48 hours.

Accepted image formats: BMP, JPEG, TIFF files (uncompressed types) and some types of DICOM files.

Rx Type: Lateral Cephalic with Soft Tissue

You can send your image at, you will receive a confirmation receipt Email.




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