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    DENTAL ACRYLIC TEETH BIOLUX® Two layer acrylic tooth. Double Cross Link (DCL) A process that results in a single molecule polymer tooth, highly resistant to abrasion and to the impact caused by mastication. A two layer acrylic tooth that offers an excellent cost-profit ratio, natural fluorescence, high colour stability and guaranteed quality. Available in VITA® colours.


    • 2 layers;

    • Made of high molecular weight resin with dual crosslinking;

    • European model;

    • It contains a load of OMC;

    • Manufactured with selected raw materials;

    • High color stability;

    • Biocompatible pigments;

    • Fluorescence;

    • It complies with ISO 22112:2005;

    • 33º Angle at the posterior parts.


    • Natural appearance;

    • Realistic appearance;

    • Greater symmetry and details;

    • Better occlusion;

    • Better anatomical adjustment;

    • More mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance;

    • Adhere better to the base;

    • Natural colors.



  • $ 295,00

    Lite Art is a new generation of light cured resin stains created for characterization and shade modification of indirect resin restorations, artificial teeth and acrylic denture bases.

    These stable, fluorescent stains can be used on their own or intermixed to attain vibrant shades that closely mimic natural tooth colouration and elaborate surface details. Lite Art is formulated with novel multifunctional monomers and photo initiators that assure an easy application in thin, even layers similar to ceramic stains and optimize surface cure for a stable, impervious colour.

    Indicated for…
    These medium viscosity light cured stains enable:
    • Individual characterization of indirect composite (Solidex & Ceramage) crowns,
    bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, etc.
    • Customized staining of artificial (resin) teeth
    • Characterization of prostheses base such as partial or complete dentures, gum
    coloured telescopic and implant supported restoration
    • Harmonization of temporary framework and tooth coloured resins, PMMA frameworks,
    long-term temporaries


  • $ 99,60


    Sledgehammer Heat Cure is a high impact, cross-linked, color stable denture base with excellent working properties. It’s compatible with most injection systems. Available in 4 aesthetics, cadmium free shades with matching repair, pour and microwavable materials.


  • $ 95,90


    Easy to mix, cross-linked, non-slumping formula that matches all Sledgehammer shades as well as other leading brands. Great bond strength makes it perfect for relines and repairs using the salt and pepper or dough technique. A high quality, cadmium free acrylic offered at a significant savings.


  • $ 71,40

    Pigments for intrinsic characterization of artificial acrylic teeth.


    • Pigmentation technique according to standards of the most common clinical cases;

    • Allows recovery of naturalness in dentures;

    • Excellent mechanical properties;

    • Excellent dimensional stability;

    • Ease of drainage, compaction, ease in finishing, polishing and brilliance.


  • $ 108,25

    The MUFLA VIPI STG®  was developed for the polymerization process of acrylic resins, in the conventional and microwave techniques.


    • Unprecedented model

    • Elaborated in polymer of the highest rigidity (Engineering Plastic)

    • Excellent thermal property

    • Superior mechanical resistance

    • Stainless steel tightening system

    • The internal walls of MUFLA VIPI STG are ultra-polished

    • Ease in deflasking due to self-expelling internal angles

    • It provides ease of inclusion since two parts adapt to each other in a unique way, with no possibility of closing it erroneously (Muffle Base and Counter Muffle).

    • For use in conventional and microwave techniques




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    Thermopolymerizable Acrylic Resin for Denture Bases.

    It is applied to Removable Total Denture, Permanent Total Overdenture, Removable Partial Denture and Rebases.


    • Handling and application easy;

    • Attend all variables of colors;

    • Ease of choosing the color to use at work;

    • High color stability;

    • Prosthesis uniformly polymerized;

    • Absence of porosities.


    • More resistant prostheses;

    • Excellent results aesthetic;

    • Natural smile;

    • Unmatchable brilliance;

    • Quality assurance of the prosthesis.




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