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  • $ 108,25
    • Injected Alumina ceramic, Roth CERAMIC brackets suffer no wear, are polycrystalline, translucent, biocompatible and do not lose their original color even in extreme aggression environments.

      The translucency of the bracket assumes the same color of the tooth to be applied, making it a highly aesthetic product.

    • The brackets Roth CERAMIC MORELLI® offer a high degree of slip through the rounding at the exits of the slot, and exclusive polishing channel for specific system for ceramics.

      In this way, it is guaranteed the free movement of arches even in large crowding conditions.

    • The design was created especially to provide great comfort to the patient, favoring careful polishing, rounded shapes and slim profile.

    • The base is made up of micro cavities with occlusal cervical radius. great enamel adhesion capacity for being bi-sandblasted and silanized.

    • With hook in canines (9th) and premolars.

    • Slot: 022 ‘x 030’ ‘(0.56 x 0.76 mm)

  • $ 30,00
    • With hook in canine and premolars

    • Monobloc bracket.

    • Intermediate Size.

    • Lower Profile 

  • $ 28,00

    • With hook in the canines (9º) and premolars.

    • High structural strength. Injected steel, no soldering.

    • Monoblock.

    • Low nickel content – Suitable for nickel sensitive patients.


  • $ 110,00
    • Even when using a round or rectangular wire, its locking mechanism does not push the wire, thereby reducing friction

    • However, its claws allow the use of ligature usually by inserting friction if desired. This enables control of when and in which teeth friction is applied

    • It also allows low friction during the period of use of rectangular wires, when the space closure is performed

    • Were developed to promote good sliding mechanics with patient comfort and convenience to the orthodontist

    • Superior resistance: Injected by modern technology MIM (Metal Injection Molding), the brackets SLI have high accuracy and strength

    • Rounded corners: the brackets SLI were designed to provide comfort to the patient

    • Mechanism lock: Clip SLI is Nitinol superelastic, material with geometric memory that has a high resistance to fatigue, able to withstand mechanical deformations throughout treatment

    • Fit for explorer: opening Facility and Clip closing, requires little force for opening mechanism. To close simply push the clip with your finger until the end of the slot, ensuring full lock

    • Slot with rounded ends: Reduction of the effects of binding and notching

    • Excellent mechanical retention: Base composed of micro pins and adhesive containment structure




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