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Crown & Bridge

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  • 79,00$

    BeautiCem SA is a self-etch, self-adhesive, dual-cure resin cement incorporating Shofu’s proprietary “Giomer” filler technology.  High bond values across all substrates provide piece-of-mind for all of your cementation needs.  A quick two-second flash-cure provides easy marginal clean-up.  The low 12µm film-thickness allows extra space in tight-fit situations and nearly undetectable margins.  The addition of Giomer technology offers well-documented bioactive properties serving to remineralize and protect tooth structure.


    • Self-etching, self-adhesive resin cement

    • No primer required for all substrates (except porcelain)

    • Auto-mixing syringe eliminates hand mixing

    • Dual cure for easy cleanup

    • High Radiopacity

    • Low film thickness (12μm)


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    73,00$ 35,71$

    CoreShade® – Professional Kit – Glass Ionomer Base Cement.  GlasIonomer core build-up material. Formulated to provide a dependable, easily detectable, metal-free core build-up.


    • Supportive and protective base under stress-bearing fillings and restorations

    • High compressive strength (147 MPa)

    • Excellent bonding to tooth structure, metal pins and posts

    • Gray in color for easy identification during placement and finishing

    • High fluoride release

    • High level of radiopacity

    • Biocompatible





  • 58,25$189,00$

    CX Plus® – Introductory Kit – Glass Ionomer Cement.


    • Easy handling

    • Low film thickness

    • Prolonged working time

    • Fast setting

    • Fluoride release



  • 98,75$210,25$

    A newly formulated radiopaque, Resin Modified Glass Ionomer (RMGI) Cement. It is indicated for the cementation of metal-based, resin and ceramic (porcelain, zirconia) inlays, crowns and bridges. It can also be used for orthodontic (metal or ceramic) brackets and bands.


    • Chemically bonds to tooth structure to ensure higher bonding strength.

    • Fluoride Release & Biocompatible.

    • Low film thickness of just 12μ.

    • Minimum odour and virtually no post-operative sensitivity.

    • Improved fracture toughness and low solubility for intra-oral durability of the restoration.

    • Provides an excellent marginal seal and prevents microleakage.

    • Exhibits high translucency for aesthetic cases.

    • Long working time with a net setting time of 4 minutes.

    • Change of colour from a light pink to colourless upon setting, for ease of identification and application.

    • Easy to manipulate and remove excess cement.



  • 335,00$

    Lite Art is a new generation of light cured resin stains created for characterization and shade modification of indirect resin restorations, artificial teeth and acrylic denture bases.

    These stable, fluorescent stains can be used on their own or intermixed to attain vibrant shades that closely mimic natural tooth colouration and elaborate surface details. Lite Art is formulated with novel multifunctional monomers and photo initiators that assure an easy application in thin, even layers similar to ceramic stains and optimize surface cure for a stable, impervious colour.

    Indicated for…
    These medium viscosity light cured stains enable:
    • Individual characterization of indirect composite (Solidex & Ceramage) crowns,
    bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, etc.
    • Customized staining of artificial (resin) teeth
    • Characterization of prostheses base such as partial or complete dentures, gum
    coloured telescopic and implant supported restoration
    • Harmonization of temporary framework and tooth coloured resins, PMMA frameworks,
    long-term temporaries


  • 25,00$84,00$

    MonoCem® self adhesive resin cement is a very simple to use and very effective cement. It handles well with excellent flow properties and clean up is easy.


    • Bonds to all substrates with high retention values.

    • Moisture tolerant with 2 second tack cure for easy clean-up.

    • Eliminates sensitivity and has high fluoride release.

    • 100% polymerization/dual cure: 3 minute auto cure; 20 second light cure.

    • Command set, curing begins at placement.

    • Very low film thickness (<12µm)




  • 199,45$

    ResiCem is a radiopaque Dual Cure Resin Cement offers exceptional handling. ResiCem exhibits optimal translucency, superior handling and optimal physical properties for success in cosmetic dentistry.
    The material specific primers have been exclusively formulated to increase bond strength and durability for all types of indirect aesthetic restorations.
    With ResiCem the clinicians can now place indirect restorations with confidence and predictability.


    • Ideal thixotropic nature

    • Excellent viscosity with no slump under pressure

    • Easy removal without smearing or sticking

    • Assures an even application of the cement to a thin film thickness of 9 microns without compromising on the bond strength and an accurate marginal fit with no occlusal interference

    • High flexural strength and low solubility in intra-oral environment ensures durability of the restoration

    • Material specific primers (Porcelain Primer, AZ Primer, M.L Primer) have been exclusively formulated for use with ResiCem to increase bond strength and durability during cementation of any indirect aesthetic restoration

    • Automix syringe ensures easy handling and an accurate bubble-free mix

    • Optimal working and Chemical Curing time




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