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  • The bar is designed to be supported within the context of full anatomical restorations. Attachments or retentions can be added to the design; cylindrical holes or even arbitrary geometries can be cut out in order to bolt or glue pre-fabricated attachments onto the bar.
    Thanks to its elaborate design options, exocad’s Bar Module allows you to design dental bars that deal with complex clinical situations gracefully and provide maximum comfort for patients.



  • $ 718,00


    • Modern and functional design: facilitates handling and ensures greater durability to the product.

    • Ceramic Heaters: ensures greater security, efficiency and increases equipment lifespan.

    • Washing with heated water: 5 heating options.

    • Drain Valve: easy emptying valve for draining the internal reservoir.

    • Ultrasonic vibration generators: waves evenly distributed that provide a more thorough cleaning.

    • Transparent lid that allows easy viewing of the contents inside.

    • Basket made of high strength thermoplastic material to accommodate the materials.

    • LED lighting inside the vat.

    • Tank with 6 liters capacity.

    • Control panel: with digital LED display of the wash cycle operating time, facilitates the operation of the equipment.

    • Selector for setting the time of the wash cycle.

    • Water temperature selector: allows washing with warm water.






  • $ 1.217,00



    • Ergonomic Format

    Compact,  anti-skid grooves, Easy Coupling, INTRA rotation system.


    • Small Head.

    Small head with angle of the handpiece within the most rigorous international standards


    • Autoclavable.

    The handpieces Gnatus are autoclavable up to 135°C to ensure full biosafety for the dentist and patients.


  • $ 23.799,00$ 27.799,00

    Optimal Price/Performance Ratio

    The CORiTEC 245i touch and CORiTEC 245i dry touch machine systems establish your productive entry into dental CAD/CAM manufacturing. Also, these systems are suitable for application as complementary systems in larger labs and milling centers.
    Thanks to the perfect price/performance ratio of the machines, most of all restaurations can be produced inexpensively from e.g. zirconium dioxide or PMMA materials. All commercially available blanks with the 98 mm or 98.5 mm diameter can be used.
    Also, processing of CAD/CAM blocks with a 3-fold adapter is possible; this is often used in wet processing for grinding materials or prefabricated abutments.


    • 4-axis machining system with up to 30° axis orientation
    • Tool runtime control/breakage control
    • Integrated cooling circuit for cooling lubricant (only 245i touch)
    • HF spindle up to 60,000 rpm
    • High-resolution and high-performance micro-step controllers and motors on all axes
    • Air purge system and cooling nozzles for wet processing are integrated in the spindle holder
    • Extraction system to extract the resulting particulate matter
    • Automatic compressed air and coolant monitoring
    • For processing of zirconium dioxide, PMMA, wax, plastics, and grindable block materials, prefabricated abutments (only CORiTEC 245i touch)
    • Control software Remote DENTAL 3.0
    • Touchscreen operation with integrated Tablet-PC


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  • $ 30.523,00

    The new CORiTEC 250i touch is a compact 5-axis Entry-level system for wet and dry processing.

    The CORiTEC 250i touch is designed to be used as flexible and economic starter model as well as a supplementary in bigger labs and milling centres. The solid machine concept is characterized by the use of professional machine components and is designed for the stresses found in a production operation. The night mode, the replacement tool fun-ction and the fully automatic 10 station tool changer including automatic tool length measurement makes the pro3dure mill-5 a reliable and highly efficient working unit. The important dental materials such as zirconia dioxide, wax, aluminium, plastics, plaster, glass ceramics and lithium disilicate can be milled and ground.


    • 5-axis machining systems with up to +-30° axis orientation

    • Tool runtime control/breakage control

    • Integrated cooling cycle for cooling lubricant

    • HF spindle with a max. of 60,000 U/min

    • 12-fold tool changer

    • Compressed air and coolant level monitoring

    • For processing of zirconium, PMMA, wax, plastics, and grindable block materials

    • Processing of premilled abutments possible

    • Integrated control PC with touch screen


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  • $ 27.050,00

    The intelligent Practice Lab Solution 2.0

    The new CORITEC one machine system is suited perfectly for processing any common CAD/CAM blocks up to a size of 65mm x 40mm x 20mm (maxi blocks). Off ering the new and extremely robust axis kinematics, the machine is also able to machine premilled abutments. The high-quality cast aluminum construction facilitates high stability while maintaining the smallest of footprints. Machine operation is user-friendly via the large touchscreen display with its integrated high-performance PC, no additional computer system required. The 3-fold block holder and 6 tool positions with sister (twin) tool function make economic, safe and fast processing possible with the highest possible quality output.



    • A new type of closed mono-block cast body

    • Optimized touch software operation

    • Optimized axle kinematics

    • High dynamics, precision and speed

    • Outstanding price-performance ratio

    • Processing of all commonly used material blocks, as well as premilled abutments

    • Multi-adapter for up to three blocks or maxi-blocks (65mm x 40mm x 20mm)

    • Highest degree of stability and precision

    • Fully integrated wet and dry processing

    • Automated 6-fold tool changer

    • Tool runtime monitoring / breakage monitoring / tool management / job management

    • Integrated control PC with 10” touchscreen for smart graphical operation

    • Only low-pressure compressed air needed (2 bar)

    • Innovative cooling / fi ltering system for easy handling

    • Fully enclosed wet cell with larger genuine glass pane

    • Integrated CNC and CAM module

    • Modern, high-quality and ergonomic machine-design

    • Efficient milling spindle with 80,000 rpm


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  • $ 2.950,00


    The first X-Ray equipment that respects your nature!
    Gnatus, after several years of research, capture from nature, more precisely from the flight of hummingbirds, all attributes that professionals like you expect from an X-Ray machine.

    Hummingbirds lavish technology in their structures.

    They are experts in the art of flying and able to stand still up in the air, spin, make turns and even fly in reverse.

    Its joints allow a rotation of 180 degrees. Seem to have no limits and defy gravity with daring maneuvers on a real show of stability, lightness and softness.

    From the same inspiration was born the exclusive Green Technology.
    More than a breakthrough, this feature is here to amaze you.


  • $ 14,50
    • Premium Service Oil

    • High Quality

    • Hexane Free Chlorofluorocarbon Free

    • Non-Flammable / Non-Corrosive

    • Can be used with any brand or manufacturer of handpieces

    • Made in USA


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    $ 585,00 $ 460,59

    Odontometry is the most important step in endodontic therapy, since the length of the apical limit of instrumentation and obturation has a direct influence on treatment success.

    When radiographic methods for determining the tooth length are applied, it is well known that this method can lead to fool professional, since overlaps, and especially the non-coincidence of foraminal exit with the anatomical apex are common and difficult to see on a radiograph leading to an inaccurate diagnosis and flawed.

    On the other hand, the use of electronic apex locators are designed to make this  Odontometry process easily,  providing accuracy in obtaining the length of the root canals bringing more speed and accuracy in treatment and in the daily of endodontics professionals.

    The apex locator Endus® is simple to use, with a user-friendly interface and extremely accurate, providing highly sensitive measurements with measurements every 0.1 mm and beeps front approaching the apex.

    Gnatus® technology for accurate results.

    Main features: 

    • Compact design and user-friendly interface

    • Do not suffer interference from adjacent tooth anatomical structures

    • Less time to obtain the working length

    • Can be applied in detecting root fractures

    • Can be applied in the detection of side perforations

    • Fully automatic with no manual adjustment or calibration

    • Wireless, operating through battery (AAA 1.5V )

    • Screen color LCD 5 “

    • Highly sensitive (Measure every 0.1 mm), with audible warnings ahead of the approaching apex

    • Sound time: The unit has 4 levels of sound – 2.0mm to 1.0mm beeps paused / 1.0mm to 0.5 continuous / 0.5mm to 0.0mm short and frequent beeps and below 0.0mm (OVER) intermittent beeps

    • Compact, lightweight and easy to use


  • Design, implant planning, orthodontics, production, scanning and communication – our mission is to create the complete software solution for digital dentistry.

  • $ 45,00$ 48,00

    Our new Masterpiece line of dental tooling provides users of dental milling machines a high-quality, low cost option for their dental milling needs.

  • $ 45,00

    Our new Masterpiece line of dental tooling provides users of dental milling machines a high-quality, low cost option for their dental milling needs.


  • Our new add-on module Full Denture provides a guided workflow to design high aesthetic full dentures.
    Model analysis can be performed digitally and the results will be used for an automatic tooth setup suggestion.
    The prosthetic can be milled or printed, or produced using a combination of these methods.


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    $ 13.895,00 $ 11.800,00

    Gnatus introduces G4, the dental set that arrives to inaugurate a new stage in the life and work of those who aim to evolve from their own talent.

    The dental set Gnatus G4 has been idealized in order to highlight the concepts of Biosafety and Ergonomics with the latest technology.

    Its design has been carefully crafted to offer maximum comfort and versatility.


    • Independent up and down movement and backrest movement of the chair which can be adjusted by the doctor as per convenience

    • Double articulated headrest for handicapped & pediatric patients

    • Right arm rotatable at 90 degree, for easy entry & exit of the patient

    • 7 programs in the chair : 4 programmable working positions, other are spitting, last working position & auto return to zero

    • Chair with anticrushing & movement locking system

    • Integrated bio-system for disinfection of handpiece tubings internally after every treatment

    • Doctor’s stool with adjustable backrest tilt & height adjustable, foot ring for attaining a correct working posture by the dentist especially during long dental treatment

    • 3 axis movement of Cold & White 5 LED touchless sensor light (35,000 Lux) with variable intensity

    • Removable & autoclavable handles for dental light head





  • $ 1.995,00$ 2.285,00

    Plucky and Innovative Design

    * 18 Safety Systems

    1-  Electronic time and temperature micro-controlled system.
    It assures the repeatability of sterilization processes within the specified limits.

    2-  Emergency key
    It is activated by operator which interrupts the cycle in case of emergency.

    3-  Electronic system that interrupts sterilization cycle
    It actuates if the sterilization cycle does not start in up to 45 minutes, it can occur due to operating fault, lack or excess of water.

    4-  Termoswitch
    It protects the system against risks of excessive elevation of temperature in resistance assembly.

    5-  Two overpressure valve safety seal
    It actuates in case of operating fault where the pressure may exceed safety limits, with the purpose of avoiding overpressure risks.

    6-  Anti vacuum under pressure valve
    The mechanical valve that actuates during door’s opening with the purpose of releasing air flow in order to allow its motion.

    7-  Solenoid valve
    It actuates in case of power outage, assuring system depressurization.

    8- Silicon ring for doors sealing
    It actuates in case of excessive elevation of pressure.

    9- Device with safety system against accidental doors opening
    It assures immediate system depressurization in case of accidental openings, which does not allow that vapor flow displacement is directed to the operator.

    10- Electrical fuse assembly
    It protects against risks of excessive elevation of current.

    11- Rubber feet
    It assures total stability to the assembly.

    12 – Safety device against accidental opening of door
    Ensures immediate depressurization of the system in case of accidental opening. It does not allow the movement of the steam is directed to the operator.

    13 – Set of electrical fuses
    It protects against the risk of excessive rise of current.

    14 – Rubber feet
    They guarantee total stability to the assembly.

    15 – Resistance type collar
    It is safer and more efficient. Avoid fire and consumes less energy.

    16 – Cable temperature sensor
    The Insulation is resistant to high temperatures.

    17 – Copper pipe internal
    Prevents leakage due to high pressure and temperature.

    18 – Main switch
    Easily accessible, avoids crashes. The Professional can turn it off when needed or when there is a power surge. No need to use the power cord.



  • Sale
    $ 11.230,00 $ 9.890,00

    G3 ® New H. Desing, comfort and technology.

    Take them all.

    Inspired by technology concepts and biosafety, Gnatus G3® New line sets developed for clinical routine. With a new design, their movements make the task of dentists as well as the wizard, simple and practical, time after time. Intuitive, with ergonomics and biosafety.


    • Biarticulated headrest lock system

    • Easy fix system

    • 1 fixed and 1 folding arm with internal steel structures

    • Integrated box

    • Antiskid edging

    • No need to fix on the floor

    • Wide upholstery with 22 colors options

    • Multifunctional and reversible control pedal with 4 work positions; spitting position and automatic return to zero position

    • Movements blocking system.


  • Sale
    $ 16.700,00 $ 15.650,00

    The dentist’s and patient’s feet supports are both removable, providing easier cleaning. The Easy-fix System also allows the removal of both back and head rest.

    Upholstery with massage system that provides greater comfort for patient, minimizing stress and fatigue during procedures. Independent command and control that can be triggered by the patient.

    Gnatus G8 chair is equipped with synchronized movement of seat and back.

    When “return to zero” position is activated, the arm chair goes automatically down, meaning freedom of movement to the patient and to the Dentistry professional


    • Bi-articulable

    • Removable

    • Anatomical with anterior, posterior, longitudinal and height movements.

    • Easy to use, through a system of “Click.”

    • Provides comfort for patients, with direct visualization of the quadrants of the mouth.

    • Allows treatment of handcapped patients, dental-pediatrics and others.

    • Multimedia kit not included.

  • $ 8.900,00

    Rediscover Your Productivity

    Superior Engineering • Increased Speed • Better Results


    Identica T300 to meet all of your needs. With powerful scan engine and affordable pricing, the new Identica T300 is a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry level users. Its evolutionary design and high tech features will help your lab rediscover productivity.



    • Able to scan full dentures

    • Saves file as an open STL file

    • Excellent for record keeping

    • Makes a denture exact to the original

    • Able to send the file for subs structure


  • $ 14.400,00

    The latest scanner with improved SW scan. Extremely reliable, accurate and fast scanner that meets the highest requirements and allows you to export files in an open STL format.

    It uses Blue Light technology, which enables quick scanning and provides excellent precision (7μm).

    The program is user-friendly, because it takes you through simple and fast ndividual steps, from inserting the model into the scanner to exporting the file to the CAD design program.

    A large open work area enables scanning of large models and models in the articulator.

    Advantages of Identica T500:

     • Blue LED Light technology
    • 2x2MP cameras
    • Scanning texture and color
    • Accuracy <7μm
    • Exceptional scanning speed – complete dental arc in 12 seconds and 8 dies in just 19 seconds
    • Open STL format
    • 3-axis duplex scanning
    • The possibility of scanning the model in the articulator
    • The ability to scan a print
    • Flexible Multi die with anti-slip surface allows scanning of models and dies in 1 phase
    • Ergonomic design


  • Design abutments and screw-retained bridges.


    • Huge selection of implant libraries

    • High productivity and process reliability


  • The Jaw Motion Import module allows you to import jaw movement registration data from external devices such as the JMA system from Zebris.

    The module works in combination with the Virtual Articulator module.


  • $ 1.092,85



    • Digital selector Function key

      Option of 3 programmed functions: Perio, Endo and Scaling.


    • Fine power adjustment

      Automatic frequency tuning system from 24 to 29kHz which is adjusted in accordance with the need for the force to be applied in the procedure.


    • Ultra-sound handpiece

      With precise modern ergonomics.


    • Transducer Cover

      Removable and may be placed in autoclave.

      Constructed of Special Thermoplastic that allows steady handling, precision in movement and greater durability to placement in autoclave.

      Two covers come with the device, allowing continuity of activity while sterilization of one of the covers is being performed.

      Covers may be acquired separately, allowing greater productiveness during the sterilization processes.


  • $ 18.000,00


    Tthe i500 Intraoral Scanner, comes with three qualities: Convenience, Efficiency and Productivity.

    The all-new i500 Intraoral Scanner helps you achieve the best in your day-to-day practice. Designed by our best engineers, the i500 is changing the rules of intraoral dental scanning. This high-quality, 3D rendering scanner lets you quickly and accurately scan the dental impression of your patients.

    With its impressive speed and powder-free system, the i500 provides a smoother scanning experience, reducing turnaround times and increasing your clinic’s productivity.

    Regardless of your specialization, the i500 has diverse applications, covering all of your business needs. Increase the efficiency of your work thanks to the great flexibility offered by the open CAD / CAM system and never worry about compatibility issues again.


    • Scanning for iOS in real time

    • High-speed continuous scanning

    • Color structure of the surface in the resolution of Full HD 3D

    • Quick scan

    • Natural color transfer

    • Capturing UHD images (SR virtual viewer)

    • Real-time 3D visualization (15 FPS 3D Data)

    • Without using a spray

    • Diagnostic image 2D

    • Open file format (.stl)

    • Scanner with the smallest size of the scanning module

  • $ 1.034,00

    Product Composition

    1. Controller

    2. Handpiece  BL-800C

    3. Speed control pedal

    4. Accessories: Handpiece stand, etc.


  • Exocad’s Model Creator module helps you create physical models from intraoral scan data or impression scans.
    Both the design of models with detachable segments (using premanufactured bases) and the design of monolithic models (where only the prepared die is removable) are supported.
    The module supports open STL files by default. So, a wide range of intraoral scanners is supported at no extra charge.


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    $ 2.550,00 $ 2.280,00

    Multimedia kit is a device developed to be a differential in your dental office. Surprise your patients with technology and precision; show them everything that is being performed in details with quality and security.

    In addition to all technical advantages when using every day, Multimedia Kit is also an excellent entertainment tool to patients. It is connected to a DVD, reproduces films, cartoons and videos (Luxury Multimedia Kit only) that relax patients during the treatment.

    It is a great differential in children’s dental treatment. Assure an excellent tool that can aggregate reliability and credibility to your dental office, creating a fidelity relation between you and your patient.

    With a ideal size to use in dental offices, Multimedia Kit is provide with a LCD monitor, intraoral camera and monitor support that makes the treatment different.



  • Sale
    $ 3.250,00 $ 2.980,00

    New IDA® is the intraoral digital sensor Dabi Atlante offering efficient solutions images for a clearer diagnosis, precise and advanced. With the evolution of software 2.0, connect your office to the future, providing a totally streamlined work environment. The oral health care have reached the advanced mode. Save time, optimize processes, see diagnostics with other eyes.

    New IDA® brings to light the developments in a 2.0 software, expanding their professional vision in every way.


    • Performs image mediation at multiple points and angle of mediation, in addition to calibration.

    • Allows editing, rotation, zoom, brightness, contrast, color inversion, histogram adjustment, selection, clipping.

    • Registration of patients, dentists and agreements.

    • Capture high-definition images in real time.

    • Save in DICOM, JPEG, TIF, BMP and PNG.

    • Print on DICOM and conventional.

    • It has software in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

    • Enter characters in the picture, such as text, arrow, circle, freehand.



  • $ 3.999,00

    The SLASH PLUS is perfect for consumers artists, and designers. It is a full-featured desktop 3D printing solution that performs perfectly for a wide variety of applications including arts and crafts, rapid prototyping, tooling, and a range of small manufacturing applications.


  • With the upcoming Smile Design Module, exocad provides an easy solution for aesthetic planning that leads to more predictable results.

    • Load patient photos
    • Match the photos with the scanned 3D situation
    • Automatically add and edit guidelines
    • Select tooth shapes from our extensive library
    • Edit outline shapes on the 2D image
    • Design in 2D and see the 3D result in real-time from various angles






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