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  • $ 8.900,00

    Rediscover Your Productivity

    Superior Engineering • Increased Speed • Better Results


    Identica T300 to meet all of your needs. With powerful scan engine and affordable pricing, the new Identica T300 is a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry level users. Its evolutionary design and high tech features will help your lab rediscover productivity.



    • Able to scan full dentures

    • Saves file as an open STL file

    • Excellent for record keeping

    • Makes a denture exact to the original

    • Able to send the file for subs structure


  • $ 14.400,00

    The latest scanner with improved SW scan. Extremely reliable, accurate and fast scanner that meets the highest requirements and allows you to export files in an open STL format.

    It uses Blue Light technology, which enables quick scanning and provides excellent precision (7μm).

    The program is user-friendly, because it takes you through simple and fast ndividual steps, from inserting the model into the scanner to exporting the file to the CAD design program.

    A large open work area enables scanning of large models and models in the articulator.

    Advantages of Identica T500:

     • Blue LED Light technology
    • 2x2MP cameras
    • Scanning texture and color
    • Accuracy <7μm
    • Exceptional scanning speed – complete dental arc in 12 seconds and 8 dies in just 19 seconds
    • Open STL format
    • 3-axis duplex scanning
    • The possibility of scanning the model in the articulator
    • The ability to scan a print
    • Flexible Multi die with anti-slip surface allows scanning of models and dies in 1 phase
    • Ergonomic design


  • $ 18.000,00


    Tthe i500 Intraoral Scanner, comes with three qualities: Convenience, Efficiency and Productivity.

    The all-new i500 Intraoral Scanner helps you achieve the best in your day-to-day practice. Designed by our best engineers, the i500 is changing the rules of intraoral dental scanning. This high-quality, 3D rendering scanner lets you quickly and accurately scan the dental impression of your patients.

    With its impressive speed and powder-free system, the i500 provides a smoother scanning experience, reducing turnaround times and increasing your clinic’s productivity.

    Regardless of your specialization, the i500 has diverse applications, covering all of your business needs. Increase the efficiency of your work thanks to the great flexibility offered by the open CAD / CAM system and never worry about compatibility issues again.


    • Scanning for iOS in real time

    • High-speed continuous scanning

    • Color structure of the surface in the resolution of Full HD 3D

    • Quick scan

    • Natural color transfer

    • Capturing UHD images (SR virtual viewer)

    • Real-time 3D visualization (15 FPS 3D Data)

    • Without using a spray

    • Diagnostic image 2D

    • Open file format (.stl)

    • Scanner with the smallest size of the scanning module




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