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  • $ 490,00

    Nowadays, each new smartphone arriving on the market is equipped with a more performing and amazing camera ! It is for taking advantage of this revolution in progress that Smile Line proposes you the very first device specially studied for allowing the most beautiful dental photos with your smartphone :

    Smile Lite MDP – professional dental photography accessible for all !

    Smile Lite MDP, that can be considered as a “ mini photo studio ”, took 3 years of development and tests. The device is equipped with three groups of LEDs (light emitting diodes). Each group can be lit up individually, while you also have the possibility to set the power of illumination thanks to a dimmer (four different steps of power).

    The back of Smile Lite MDP is equipped with a universal adaptor that is adjustable for any model of smartphone having a width between 55-85mm.

    Smile Lite MDP is a plug and play device that is very easy to use and that doesn’t need any special App, calibration process or specific education. It will allow you to drastically improve your results with the camera of your smartphone… very easily.

    Soon it will become a mandatory tool for you :

    – Photos for shade taking
    – Every day communication with the lab
    – Short video clips
    – Patients’ documentation
    – Artistic pictures

    Passionate users will be happy to know that some accessories exist as an option. Thanks to them, you’ll have the possibility to take pictures with a polarising filter (item no. 6620) or with diffusors (item no. 6610) for even more professional results.




  • $ 785,00$ 2.059,00

    Solidilite V.  The new generation indirect light curing unit features a compact, user friendly, sturdy yet ergonomic design with an integrated fan and a protective soft start cure mode to optimize efficient light polymerization of indirect composites such as Ceramage and Solidex.

    Sublite V. Is an easy to operate, hand activated temporary light curing unit with an integrated fan designed for initial or pre-polymerization of the indirect composite during build up of the restoration, without the need to remove the restoration from the model.


    • Solidilite V and Sublite V indirect light curing units are simple to operate and help to save valuable time by optimizing cure within a short time frame.

    • Compatible with a wide range of voltage spanning 100 to 240 volts, it is also equipped with a voltage selector that allows the selection of the appropriate voltage.

    • Solidilite V has a spacious curing chamber for ease of access and is equipped with special reflective surfaces while its rotating platform or turntable with adjustable height assures an ideal alignment of the restoration.

    • 4 specially designed powerful halogen lamps with a wide wavelength spectrum of 400-550 nm ensures uniform optimised light polymerization.

    • The unit comes with a digital LED display on the front panel and pre-programmed curing time of 1, 3 and 5 minute. A manual selection option with a curing duration ranging from 10 seconds to 20 minutes with 10 second intervals is available.

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    $ 420,00 $ 396,00


    • Ideal Weight

    Net weight under 50,0 grams

    • Low Work Noise

    • Ergonomic Format

    Compact, it has anti-skid grooves

    • Autoclavable. 

    The handpieces Gnatus are autoclavable up to 135°C to ensure full biosafety for the dentist and patients.


  • $ 1.490,00

    ThermaPrep® Plus has been replaced by DENTSPLY Maillefer’s new Thermaprep®2 oven. The Thermaprep®2 oven includes significant improvements, particularly with its technical functions, cleaning function and updated design.

    Thermaprep®2 can be used in conjunction with all DENTSPLY Maillefer Obturators: WaveOne™, ProTaper® Universal, and Thermafil®.


    • 3-dimensional heats: For an excellent apical and lateral canal sealing  in the long, curved and narrow canals  (warm gutta down to the apex).

    • Fast heating – less than one minute: Allow no loose of time during the clinical procedure, moreover, the heat is maintained in the heating chamber until the Obturator is ready to use.

    • Indicator lights and audible alerts

    • NEW Lifting system:  The Obturator holders are designed to allow a slow and progressive entry of the Obturator in the heating chamber.

    • Cleaning mode: allows to keep the oven clean and free of gutta percha debris.

    • Obturators fastening: This feature avoids Obturators touching the walls of the heating chamber when it comes out


  • For those who would like even more choice, an additional extensive library of beautiful natural teeth is available as a reasonably-priced add-on.

    With the module purchase you’ll get a total of:

    • 61 sets of upper arch anterior teeth
    • 19 sets of lower jaw anterior teeth
    • 19 sets of upper arch posteriors
    • 19 sets of lower jaw posteriors


  • Exocad’s TruSmile Technology provides near photorealistic rendering of dental restorations – in real-time during the design process.
    In addition to providing a “What You See Is What You Get” user experience, TruSmile is also a powerful marketing tool for dentists using chairside CAD/CAM systems – e.g. to help convince a patient to opt for a ceramic restoration instead of a metal crown.



  • $ 1.032,00


    • Digital selector Function key

      Option of 3 programmed functions: Perio, Endo and Scaling.

    • Fine power adjustment

      Automatic frequency tuning system from 24 to 29kHz which is adjusted in accordance with the need for the force to be applied in the procedure.

    • Ultra-sound handpiece

      With precise modern ergonomics.

    • Transducer Cover

      Removable and may be placed in autoclave.

      Constructed of Special Thermoplastic that allows steady handling, precision in movement and greater durability to placement in autoclave.

      Two covers come with the device, allowing continuity of activity while sterilization of one of the covers is being performed.

      Covers may be acquired separately, allowing greater productiveness during the sterilization processes.





  • $ 315,00

    VeriCast Ideal for crowns, bridges, and partial denture framework burnout patterns. Prints and cures fast Produces smooth surfaces. Works well with ResinVest and Formula One investments.


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  • $ 290,00

    Optimized to work with the Asiga 3D printers and compatible with most investment material. Ideal for crown & bridge burnout patterns and model cast.



    • Perfect for drill guides

    • Clear resin

    • Biocompatible

    • Cures fast

    • Durable and tough

    • Easy to clean

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  • $ 175,00$ 220,00

    VeriModel OS is a methacrylate-based 3D print resin made especially for dental models and removable dies. Provide high detail resolution, sharp margins, low shrinkage and long-lasting toughness. Natural ivory color gives a visual contrast to waxes but doesn’t influence the color of tooth-colored restorative materials. For use with 385nm open-system printers. Features an easy-to-clean, smooth, matte surface finish.


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  • $ 172,00

    VeriModel OS, is a Methacrylate based 3D print resin made especially for dental models printed on DLP systems with 385nm light source. This highly accurate and stable resin looks and handles like conventional gypsum materials, providing high detail resolution, low shrinkage and long-lasting toughness to handle any model requirement. Its natural ivory color gives a visual contrast to waxes but doesn’t influence the color of tooth-colored restorative materials. It exhibits an easy-to-clean smooth matte surface finish and resists pigment separation when in storage.


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  • $ 172,00

    New VeriModel OS White 3D Print Resin provides the dental laboratory with a white colored multi-purpose model resin exhibiting a high quality surface finish and precision printed on DLP systems with 385nm or 405nm light source. This versatile material can be used for a wide variety of 3D printed applications, including the production of highly accurate orthodontic and presentation models. It can be used with silicone-based separators and is robust enough to be used with a laser-welder. 3D Printed VeriModel OS materials provide the lab or dentist with all the advantages of 3D printed models, including reliable accuracy, fine detail, and clean, smooth surfaces.


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  • $ 245,00

    Methacrylate based resin for stereolithography systems with solid state laser and DLP systems. Ideal for custom tray impressions. Works well with all types of impression materials.


    • Perfect for creating custom impression trays

    • Works well with all types of impression materials

    • Neon Green color

    • Rigid

    • Prints fast


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  • Exocad’s Virtual Articulator allows you to consider dynamic occlusion when designing crowns and bridges.

    The positioning of the stone models within the physical articulator can be precisely transferred into the software (with the aid of a scanner that supports virtual articulation as well) for perfect patient-specific results.

    Parameters such as condylar angle, bennet angle and immediate side shift can be adjusted as with a physical articulator. To import jaw measurement from devices, the Virtual Articulator module can be combined with the Jaw Motion Import module.


  • $ 82,00$ 165,00

    zABS resin is perfect for general purpose prototyping and design, exceptional in capturing small details and thin supports. The fully cured resin have similar mechanical property as injection molding ABS.






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