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  • $ 1.669,00


    • Versatile, multi-item weight/storage cabinet with 2 locking doors

    • 6 independent, quick-change positions for holding your choice of exercise band (50 yds., hollow core center only) and/or tubing. (Tubing spools sold separately. All items shown not included.)

    • 6 shelves (3 adjustable and 3 fixed)

    • Open top storage nook

    • Strong polycarbonate dumbbell rods are angled for added stability

    • Protective bumper molding around edge

    • 4″ swivel casters (2 locking)

    • White pegboard to hold cuff weights

    • Holds up to 48 cuff weights, 22 dumbbells, 6 rolls of exercise band and/or tubing and much more



  • $ 139,00


    • All Gray laminate construction

    • Store up to 6 medicine balls

    • Easy assembly with steel fasteners



  • $ 368,10

    The Clinton™  Mobile Weight Bar Rack is constructed with easy to clean laminate and is mounted on 3 swivel casters. The Clinton™  Weight Bar Rack has the capacity to hold up to 12 weight bars.Weight bars are not included – .



  • $ 65,00$ 179,89


    • Cast iron core

    • Heavy duty Neoprene coating resists splitting

    • Easy to clean and sanitize surface

    • Easy-grip surface

    • All weights are color coded and clearly marked

    • 1 lb. (.45 kg) – 10 lbs. (4.53 kg)  in 1 lb. (.45 kg) increments

    NOTE: Colors of individual weight dumbbells are subject to change.





  • $ 99,89$ 176,91



    • Burst resistant balls

    • Deflates slowly if punctured*

    • Made from durable, ribbed, heavy-walled, PVC material

    • Peanut shape helps control motion in the center of ball

    • For inside use only




  • $ 216,00


    • Durable solid textured exterior

    • Air can be added or removed to affect bounce and feel

    • Bright colors with weights clearly marked

    • All balls bounce

    • Colors may vary from balls shown


  • $ 0,00


    Resistance bands are elastic bands with some form of handhold designed to apply low-impact resistance for muscle-toning exercises during physical therapy

    What makes them more than just being large rubber bands is the specific level of tension each band is designed to represent, often in color coded sets.

    Each level of tension represents the rough equivalent of lifting, pulling, or pushing an amount of weight depending on the exercise. In a set of resistance bands, users can usually work with individual bands at ranges of resistance, or combine bands to represent even greater resistance depending on the exercise.


  • $ 240,00


    Can be used as a flexion shoulder ladder and/or a BarRac to store bars (Weight bars not included.)





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