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  • $ 140,90$ 189,20

    Further strong,
    further beautiful innovation.

    Amber® LiSi-POZ enables innovations to become a real thing based on the combination of the strength from zirconia framework and the aesthetics from lithium disilicate for the best results. Experience the entirely different level of performances from Amber® LiSi-POZ.


    • Amber LiSi-POZ offers three times higher flexural strength than conventional veneering materials for Zirconia.

    • After pressing the flexural strength is over 380 MPa. Amber® LiSi-POZ veneering has similar translucency to the enamel layer of natural teeth and the translucency of zirconia framework is similar to that of dentin of natural teeth.

    • The high aesthetics of Amber® LiSi-POZ enables it to replace a damaged natural teeth perfectly.



    • Crowns
    • 3-unit anterior and posterior bridges
    • Long-span and curved bridges
    • Cantilever bridges
    • Maryland bridges
    • Implant supported crowns and bridges


    ∗∗ Minimum purchase of USD$ 500 (Hass Bio products only) is required.

  • $ 120,00$ 210,80

    Amber® Mill is the first machinable dental glass-ceramic blocks made of lithium disilicate. Its reinforced mechanical properties and aesthetic values with qualified machinability are greatly advantageous for patients and clinics.


    • Natural opalescence, fluorescence and multi-chromatic gradation

    • Denser and more crosslinked

    • Highly stable edges with less chipping

    • Superior physical properties

    • Biaxial flexure strength of Amber® Mill is about 10% higher than comparative product after it is fully crystallized.

    • Choose the translucency heat-treatment temperature according to your targeted translucency

    • Compatible with powders of CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) less than or equal to 10.0 x 10-6 / °C


    ∗ Minimum purchase of USD$ 500 (Hass Bio products only) is required.

  • $ 98,90$ 110,80

    Amber® Press is the lithium disilicate press ingot with high strength and minimal reaction layer for the best workability and excellent aesthetics.


    • The biaxial flexural strength of restorations made of Amber® Press after crystallization is 460 MPa – the highest performance among lithium disilicate press ingot products. Achieve the best results through high performance and workability of Amber® Press.

    • After pressing Amber® Press, just few amount of reaction layer remains on the result. This invites no need to apply the acid liquid for clean-up of the reaction layer ensuring a simple and nonhazardous process. Amber® Press is the best press material for the efficiency and safety at the same time.

    • Boasting of its best translucency and shades, Amber® Press is the most suitable lithium disilicate press ingot for the purpose of the restorations with the most nature-like appearance.



    • Inlays

    • Onlays

    • Anterior Single Crowns

    • Posterior Single Crowns

    •  Veneers 3-Unit Bridge (up to the second Premolar)


    ∗ Minimum purchase of USD$ 500 (Hass Bio products only) is required.

  • $ 23.799,00$ 27.799,00

    Optimal Price/Performance Ratio

    The CORiTEC 245i touch and CORiTEC 245i dry touch machine systems establish your productive entry into dental CAD/CAM manufacturing. Also, these systems are suitable for application as complementary systems in larger labs and milling centers.
    Thanks to the perfect price/performance ratio of the machines, most of all restaurations can be produced inexpensively from e.g. zirconium dioxide or PMMA materials. All commercially available blanks with the 98 mm or 98.5 mm diameter can be used.
    Also, processing of CAD/CAM blocks with a 3-fold adapter is possible; this is often used in wet processing for grinding materials or prefabricated abutments.


    • 4-axis machining system with up to 30° axis orientation
    • Tool runtime control/breakage control
    • Integrated cooling circuit for cooling lubricant (only 245i touch)
    • HF spindle up to 60,000 rpm
    • High-resolution and high-performance micro-step controllers and motors on all axes
    • Air purge system and cooling nozzles for wet processing are integrated in the spindle holder
    • Extraction system to extract the resulting particulate matter
    • Automatic compressed air and coolant monitoring
    • For processing of zirconium dioxide, PMMA, wax, plastics, and grindable block materials, prefabricated abutments (only CORiTEC 245i touch)
    • Control software Remote DENTAL 3.0
    • Touchscreen operation with integrated Tablet-PC


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  • $ 30.523,00

    The new CORiTEC 250i touch is a compact 5-axis Entry-level system for wet and dry processing.

    The CORiTEC 250i touch is designed to be used as flexible and economic starter model as well as a supplementary in bigger labs and milling centres. The solid machine concept is characterized by the use of professional machine components and is designed for the stresses found in a production operation. The night mode, the replacement tool fun-ction and the fully automatic 10 station tool changer including automatic tool length measurement makes the pro3dure mill-5 a reliable and highly efficient working unit. The important dental materials such as zirconia dioxide, wax, aluminium, plastics, plaster, glass ceramics and lithium disilicate can be milled and ground.


    • 5-axis machining systems with up to +-30° axis orientation

    • Tool runtime control/breakage control

    • Integrated cooling cycle for cooling lubricant

    • HF spindle with a max. of 60,000 U/min

    • 12-fold tool changer

    • Compressed air and coolant level monitoring

    • For processing of zirconium, PMMA, wax, plastics, and grindable block materials

    • Processing of premilled abutments possible

    • Integrated control PC with touch screen


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  • $ 27.050,00

    The intelligent Practice Lab Solution 2.0

    The new CORITEC one machine system is suited perfectly for processing any common CAD/CAM blocks up to a size of 65mm x 40mm x 20mm (maxi blocks). Off ering the new and extremely robust axis kinematics, the machine is also able to machine premilled abutments. The high-quality cast aluminum construction facilitates high stability while maintaining the smallest of footprints. Machine operation is user-friendly via the large touchscreen display with its integrated high-performance PC, no additional computer system required. The 3-fold block holder and 6 tool positions with sister (twin) tool function make economic, safe and fast processing possible with the highest possible quality output.



    • A new type of closed mono-block cast body

    • Optimized touch software operation

    • Optimized axle kinematics

    • High dynamics, precision and speed

    • Outstanding price-performance ratio

    • Processing of all commonly used material blocks, as well as premilled abutments

    • Multi-adapter for up to three blocks or maxi-blocks (65mm x 40mm x 20mm)

    • Highest degree of stability and precision

    • Fully integrated wet and dry processing

    • Automated 6-fold tool changer

    • Tool runtime monitoring / breakage monitoring / tool management / job management

    • Integrated control PC with 10” touchscreen for smart graphical operation

    • Only low-pressure compressed air needed (2 bar)

    • Innovative cooling / fi ltering system for easy handling

    • Fully enclosed wet cell with larger genuine glass pane

    • Integrated CNC and CAM module

    • Modern, high-quality and ergonomic machine-design

    • Efficient milling spindle with 80,000 rpm


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  • $ 45,00$ 48,00

    Our new Masterpiece line of dental tooling provides users of dental milling machines a high-quality, low cost option for their dental milling needs.