Duralock® Plus Impression Trays

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Superior Alginate Retention with No Adhesive Spray Needed!

   No Adhesive Needed
Using DuraLock® PLUS trays save time. By eliminating
the extra steps of coating the tray with adhesive
and waiting for it to dry, the impression process is
simplified and accelerated.

   Largest Variety of Tray Sizes
DuraLock® PLUS trays eliminate inadequate coverage
and/or tissue impingement and ensure an accurate
fit every time by offering more size choices than
competing trays.

  Stability and Durability
The reliable strength and stability of DuraLock®
PLUS trays eliminate impression distortion and/or
impression materials pulling away from the tray sides.

Additional Benefit
Ortho Technology manufactures the
DuraLock® PLUS Impression Tray to be
either disposable or cold sterilizable.


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Duralock Plus Impression trays

Adult Kit: Sizes M-L-XL, Children kit: Sizes Pedo-XS-S


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