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Jet Sonic BP with peristaltic pump – GNATUS®

Quick Overview



  • Digital selector Function key

    Option of 3 programmed functions: Perio, Endo and Scaling.


  • Fine power adjustment

    Automatic frequency tuning system from 24 to 29kHz which is adjusted in accordance with the need for the force to be applied in the procedure.


  • Ultra-sound handpiece

    With precise modern ergonomics.


  • Transducer Cover

    Removable and may be placed in autoclave.

    Constructed of Special Thermoplastic that allows steady handling, precision in movement and greater durability to placement in autoclave.

    Two covers come with the device, allowing continuity of activity while sterilization of one of the covers is being performed.

    Covers may be acquired separately, allowing greater productiveness during the sterilization processes.


Product Description


GNATUS Jet Sonic®   BP with peristaltic pump


Bolder, more modern design.
Assembled with smooth and durable material with rounded corners.


Nearby controls with digital selectors and soft operation regulators.

General On-Off Key

With LED indicator on the panel.

Peristaltic Pump

with water flow regulation.
Allows the use of filtered and/or specifically treated water.

Removable water reservoir

Translucent with LED lighting allows the filling of the reservoir without the need for moving the equipment due to the automatic activation of the retaining valve;

Eases viewing of the water level.



Piezoelectric System activated through ceramic chips with a frequency of 30,000 Hz.

Operations without water

The Piezoelectric system of the Transducer permits use in operations without the use of water.

Unidirectional Vibrations

Directing of the vibrations is perfect, in other words, they occur in a single longitudinal plane, allowing the performance of scaling without causing damage to teeth.




Aditional Information

Wide variety of inserts
Jet Sonic has a wide variety of inserts available, with 3 models coming with the device (Numbers 1, 2 and 10P), and 10 other optional models, as indicated below:

No. 1 (comes with the device);
No. 2 (comes with the device);
10P (comes with the device);
H3 (Optional)

Restorative Dentistry and Prosthesis:
5AE (Optional)
6A (Optional)

S04 (Optional)
ET20 (Optional)
ET40 (Optional)
A120 (comes with the device)
A90 (Optional)

S1290 (Optional)
P14 (Optional)


Bicarbonate jet handpiece
Removable and may be placed in autoclave.

Concentric diffuser
Performs mixture of air + water + bicarbonate at a small distance from the point. Avoids clogging of the handpiece.

Digital Operation selector (Bicarbonate jet/ Ultrasound)
Easy and quick selection of the desired instrument.

Exclusive fine Air Regulation System
Allows greater control of air discharge, suitable for each type of procedure.

Water stopcock
Fine regulation system. Allows suitability for the needs of each procedure.

Automatic bicarbonate sweep system
Sweeps the ducts of the device, avoiding accumulation of powder residues and risks of clogging in the system.

Air filter
With automatic purger: it filters all the air that comes in contact with the bicarbonate and with the operational region.

Bicarbonate reservoir: transparent and removable.
It allows verification of the quantity of powder in the inside of the reservoir and the occurrence of whirling.
The side access allows its removal without the need to turn over the device for removal of powder residues.

general Technical Specification:

Voltage: 127V-60Hz / 220V-50/60 Hz

Power: 60 VA

Consumption: 0,43 A

Fuse: 1A (127/220 v)

Capacity of liquid in the reservoir: 1L

Net weight (Jet Sonic BP): 4,00 kg

Net weight (Jet Sonic BP Cart): 9,00 kg

Frequency of scaler vibrations: 30,000 Hz

Compressed air Input pressure: maximum – 80 PSI / Minimum – 70 PSI

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