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Lite Art® Light-curing resin stains – SHOFU® (Full Set)

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Quick Overview

Lite Art is a new generation of light cured resin stains created for characterization and shade modification of indirect resin restorations, artificial teeth and acrylic denture bases.

These stable, fluorescent stains can be used on their own or intermixed to attain vibrant shades that closely mimic natural tooth colouration and elaborate surface details. Lite Art is formulated with novel multifunctional monomers and photo initiators that assure an easy application in thin, even layers similar to ceramic stains and optimize surface cure for a stable, impervious colour.

Indicated for…
These medium viscosity light cured stains enable:
• Individual characterization of indirect composite (Solidex & Ceramage) crowns,
bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, etc.
• Customized staining of artificial (resin) teeth
• Characterization of prostheses base such as partial or complete dentures, gum
coloured telescopic and implant supported restoration
• Harmonization of temporary framework and tooth coloured resins, PMMA frameworks,
long-term temporaries


Product Description

The set contains all components for authentic and individual characterisation of resins and porcelain reinforced composites:

– 15 colours, 1 ml each
– A-Shade, B-Shade, White, Black, Red,
Khaki, Orange, Blue-Gray, Violet,
Orange Brown, Dark Red Brown,
Black Brown, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
– Cannulas / caps 15 pcs. each
– Lite Art Clear Liquid, 6 ml
– Uni Brush No. 5 (1 handle, 10 brush tips)
– Colour table & instructions for use

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