ROSETTA® BM Leucite GLASS-CERAMIC BLOCKS C14(12x15x18) – Hass Bio Corp.

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Quick Overview

Rosetta® BM is the leucite glass ceramic CAD/CAM block with minimized shrinkage for simple and efficient restorations, stable and durable aesthetics with high precision in the outcomes.

From a holistic perspective, Rosetta®BM perform the best in comparison with other materials considering major properties such as processability, stability, strength and biocompatibility. It is obvious that the outcome from the use of Rosetta®BM will support your successful work with the highest level of quality, efficiency and the result…


  • Aesthetics

  • Processability

  • Edge Stability

  • Flexural Strength

  • Biocompatibility

∗ Minimum purchase of USD$ 500 (Hass Bio products only) is required.



Product Description

 Packing: Box with C14(12x15x18) – 5 blocks

Efficiency and precision.
Succeed in fulfilling two targets at once.

Rosetta® BM enables post-milling process to be free from additional heat application.

Enjoy the highest level of efficiency and satisfaction by achieving simplicity, fastness and efficiency with the utmost accuracy.

True beauty.
The value of durability.

Lifelike and natural look of the resulted restorations without any failures such as discoloration, de-bonded case, etc. 

Excellent opalescence, fluorescence and brightness of Rosetta® BM provides you with highly integrated aesthetic value.

stability and versatility.

Superior edge stability and long-lasting state of restoration after cementation are quintessential to evaluate the quality of dental work.

In particular, those points become even more prominent when considering smaller sized works such as inlays and onlays.

Rosetta® BM is your unquestionable solution for such cases.

∗ Minimum purchase of USD$ 500 (Hass Bio products only) is required.

∗ Estimated shipping between 15 – 20 business days 

Additional Information


HT-A1, HT-A2, HT-A3, HT-A3.5, HT-B1, HT-B2, HT-B3, HT-C2, HT-D3, LT-A1, LT-A2, LT-A3, LT-A3.5, LT-B1, LT-B2, LT-B3, LT-C2, LT-D3, LT-W1, LT-W2, LT-W3, LT-W4


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