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SynthoGraft™ Pure Phase Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate – BICON™

Quick Overview

SynthoGraft’s unique design provides for an optimal environment for bone regeneration. With both micro-porosity and nano-porosity, SynthoGraft has a greater surface area compared to other synthetic bone grafting materials — allowing for ideal bone regeneration. As a pure synthetic material, SynthoGraft does not have the inherent risks associated with biologically-derived bone graft materials.

SynthoGraft offers: 

  • Increased patient acceptance

  • Elimination of the inherent risks associated with biologically-derived bone graft materials

  • Greater surface area compared to other synthetic bone grafting materials

  • Rapid vascularization and subsequent resorption when mixed with the patient’s own blood

  • Nanometer-scale porosity

  • Available in two particle sizes: 50–500µm and 500–1000µm



Product Description



Indications and Usage:

    • SynthoGraft™ is designed for the filling and/or reconstruction of a traumatic or degenerative multi-walled bone defect,

    • augmentation of the sinus floor,

    • augmentation of an atrophied alveolar ridge,

    • filling of periodontal or other alveolar bone defects, tooth sockets, and osteotomies, 

    • preservation of the alveolus for an implant osteotomy.


  • SynthoGraft™ should only be used by or under the supervision of trained personnel with experience in surgical techniques.

  • Do not use SynthoGraft™ if package has been opened, damaged, or if the expiration date has passed.

  • Do not compromise blood supply to the surgical site.

  • Do not apply SynthoGraft™ unless it is wetted with the patient’s blood.

  • Do not wet SynthoGraft™ with any solution (e.g. physiological saline, NaCl, or antibiotics) other than the patient’s blood.

  • Do not mix SynthoGraft™ with any other bone grafting material.

  • Do not overfill surgical site.

  • Do not re-sterilize SynthoGraft™.

  • Discard any unused SynthoGraft™ particles.

  • Use sutures and/or membranes to prevent migration of particles.

  • SynthoGraft™ is packaged and sterilized for single use only.


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Additional information

SynthoGraft™ Presentation

50-500μ x 0.25g, 50-500μm x 0.50g, 50-500μm x 1.00g, 50-500μm x 2.00g, 500-1000μm x 0.25g, 500-1000μm x 0.50g, 500-1000μm x 1.00g, 500-1000μm x 2.00g


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